BPMN Introduction

Which are the benefits?

Which are the benefits?

Mapping the processes of your company allows you to:

Even the new arrival can learn in a fast and easy way how to manage the process avoiding to waste time and money.

To whom is the BPMN is adressed?

To the people in charge of planning and managing the procedures whitin the company.


Below are listed the four fundamental graphic categories used in the BPMN:



Let’s see how the Business Process Manager works

To crate a process in vtenext the following steps must be followed

Click on:

The following screen will open, you will have to indicate the name of the process and an eventual description.

There are two main choices, the first is to use an existing process using the button import or to create a new one by clicking on the button create new.


Here below the symbols to create a diagram:


Basic rules

Before seeing in detail the symbols used in vtenext is important to understand some fundamental rules for the graphical design of a process. Here below you can find and easy diagram and in the following slides a description for its configuration in vtenext.

In the diagram we begin from an initial event, the circle, the Connector, must have the same direction
as the flow. The Activity symbol is a Task that can be used both as Condition and Action.



The Start Event is where the process begins, by clicking on it is possible to display the symbols reported on the left.
In red is displayed the wrench that allows to choose among the different symbols.


By clicking on Intermediate Event and then on the wrench the symbols reported on the wrench will be displayed.
An important tool is the Time Intermediate Catch Event, useful if there is the need to postpone an action.

Here below an example of the Timer Intermediate Catch Event is reported. By positioning this symbol between the condition and the action, the sending of an email for example, it is possible to set the Timer and postpone its sending.

By clicking on the Timer Intermediate Catch Event symbol a screen will open, in which is possible to set the timer for the next action.

The next action waiting can be setted on:



The End Event will close the process, more than one can be used as the process can take different paths, or it can be the same End Event as a common end point of different paths.

It is recommended to draw an action before the end point so it is clear how the process ends.


The Activity Task is represented by a rectangle, and indicates a condition or an action, the difference is that the latter is marked by a script.