5.2 Messages Module

The vtenext Messages module uses the IMAP email account. You can work on emails through vtenext as if you were working on the server, namely without any downloading of emails to a folder. Any operations that you do in the messages module will be carried out directly on the server: the new folder creation in vtenext corresponds to the creation of a new folder on the email server, deletion of an email in “Messages” corresponds to deletion of the message from the server, etc. Therefore, a copy of the email not created unlike the customary procedure for Outlook/ Thunderbird clients that connect to the mail server in POP3 mode. The emails will therefore continue to be physically resident on the mail server. In addition to the IMAP main account, you can set up secondary accounts in IMAP or POP3 mode.

N.B.: from release 18.02, multiple SMTP accounts can be set and associated with a single account in the messages module.

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