12.3 Project Tasks

Operations comprise the internal phases of the planning that, once completed, lead to the conclusion of the project.


The user assignee of the operation will be able to update the state of progress of the activity through the Progress and Hours spent fields.

The report will provide an overview of the progress of the planning, both through the list of operations and the Gantt diagram. The colours of the Operations bars in the graph corresponds to the colours chosen for the "Priority" field (drop-down menu), managed directly from Settings>Colouring View by List.

Within the coloured bar, an additional darker coloured bar shows the progress status (based on the Progress field).


Progress detail


Example of a Planning Chart with multiple Operations

From vtenext 20.04 in the module Project Task we can find the new field “Budget Information” in order to split the service delivery among Project, Pack and Consumptive.

Using the activity tracking tool the worked hours will be automatically scaled also from the block related to the Task budget.

Possible configurations:

Project Within a project operation, vtenext, counts the foreseen hours according to the Sales Price of the Product/Service sold, dividing it by Price per day reported on the Company record.
According to the related the tasks or tickets, vtenext will automatically calculate the Used Hours, the Used Budget and the Residual Budget.
Pack The Operation Pack allows to count a total of sold hours per Product/Service within the field Package Hours. According to the related tasks or tickets vtenext will automatically value the Used and Residual Hours.
Consumptive Consumptive operation will count the Used Hours and the Used Budget according to the related tasks or tickets. It will sutomatically insert the number of hours that have to be invoiced, which will vary on the basis of the hours that the user will manually enter in Invoiced Hours.


Daily cost field in the Account module


Detail Project with Project Budget