14.6 Products Images

In the product block models, you can also add thumbnails related to the images uploaded in the product sheet.
Warning! The appropriate variable for the product image must be inserted in the template.

The $PRODUCTS_IMAGENAME$ variable must be inserted between the #PRODUCTBLOC_START# and #PRODUCTBLOC_END# tags.
In the PDF generation phase, click first on the Product Images item, choosing for each product the image to be inserted in the PDF (we can select the images that we intend to display in the PDF). It is possible to define the dimensions of the image in terms of width and height; if one of these two values is left empty, the system will resize the image proportionally to the specified size. If the two values are left blank, the image will be printed with its original size.
Warning! It is not possible to associate images to services.

Select Product Images and Export to PDF

Product Images selection window

PDF exported with Product Images detail

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