17.1 Process Manager

The Process Manager is the tool that makes it possible to manage processes within a company, interpreting the drawings generated through a Business Process Model and the Notification tool (for example www.bpmn.io).

These tools represent all the automatic processes that will generate the company workflows in charts and diagrams, which will then be generated by the vtenext Process Manager.

Versioning: All settings for processes can be saved, generating a version (e.g. v.1.0). Versions can be exported or imported to ensure a higher level of security during setup.

Import the process into vtenext and Process Helper

From the screen below, accessible from Settings > Process Manager, you can import the processes created in the BPMN tool.

By clicking on Import BPMN, you can browse your hard disk and load the diagram created. It is also possible to load processes previously carried out with vtenext by clicking on the Import vtenext BPMN button.

Clicking on the task opens the screen where you can set the conditions. Since you want something to happen every time a company is created:

  • In Entity choose Account
  • In "when to check" select "first save only"
  • Click on the "New Group" button
  • Set "Rating" equal to "Active"
  • Click on Save

By clicking on the "gateway" task, you can set if/else conditions. You can then select the following from the respective drop-down menus:

  • in Active equals Rating, choose "ScriptTask: create potentials"
  • in otherwise go to, select "ScriptTask: send email"
  • click on Save

By clicking on the "create potentials" task, you can set the expected actions using the respective drop-down menus:

  • click on New Action
  • in Create a new type of action, select "Create Entity"
  • click on Create

Clicking on "create" opens the screen that allows you to set the variables that will automatically compile the new Potential.