17.2 Workflow

The Workflow tool allows for the management of collaborative workgroups according to configurable models in the CRM. It is used to interpret a series of procedure rules that are integrated within different functions for information sharing, communication management, and simplifying the transfer of tasks.
The workflow is, in practice, an action that follows a condition that is fulfilled: a "trigger" (triggering factor) gives rise to an automatic action.

A simple example: when a Ticket takes on a certain status, the system reassigns it.
As always, the workflow can only be configured by the system administrator.

STEP 1: Create the workflow for a specific module.

For the module: one-time workflow
From template: workflow created from a template

STEP 2: Configure the workflow.

  • enter a name that identifies what you are creating;
  • establish the start of the workflow, i.e. when the condition check will be carried out;
  • define the condition(s) (if more than one, all must be verified).

With regards to the indication on the start of the Workflow:

Only on the first save:

the condition will be verified only the first time the record is saved; if it is confirmed as true, the operations indicated will be carried out

Until the first time the condition is true

the workflow is executed only the first time the condition is true

Every time the record is saved

the condition is checked every time the record is saved (both in creation and editing); the workflow is executed every time the condition is true

Every time the record is changed

the workflow is triggered with every change made in the record

Then press the SAVE button.

STEP 3: After saving, the New Operation button appears, so you can configure the type of action that will take place when all the set conditions occur.

Create a Task / Event

An event or task in the calendar will be created, assigned only to the same user of the related entity

Edit a field

A field of the same form will be modified in the way you establish

Send a mail

An email will be sent to the recipient and with the content that you establish

Call custom function

Available only if custom function code side has been developed

Warning! To send emails, the workflow CRON must be active; see the CRONJOB – Scheduled processes chapter.


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