17.7.2 Custom fields mapping for Leads conversion

For the Leads module only, you can map the custom fields for the transfer of content to the Accounts, Contacts and Potentials modules, which will delete the source lead upon conversion. If the field is not mapped, the information will be lost.

  1. Through the Layout Editor, create the custom field both on Leads and on the modules where you want to transfer the data (Accounts, Contacts and/or Potentials). The fields must have the same characteristics: the same type (text/picklist/number/etc.) and the same length.
  2. Using the custom Field Mapping panel, click "Edit" and then "Add field to map" to create a new line. Then choose the source field in Leads and the newly created destination fields in the Accounts, Contacts and/or Potentials columns.

The pre-existing fields in vtenext are already mapped but you can modify their mapping at will.

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