2.2 Home

When the user logs in to the CRM the user-specific home page can be displayed (this setting can be editable by individual users in User Preferences).

The Home page is composed of a set of elements (dashboards) that retrieve information from vtenext. The dashboards can be composed of:

  • filters from modules
  • RSS to receive feeds from your favourite channel
  • the graphics from reports
  • windows that allow you to view websites

The configuration is at the discretion of the user, who can enable default elements or create new ones. Each user must create his/her own dashboards, which cannot be made public. To enable or disable a preset dashboard click on thehome_settings.png icon to access “my preferences”.

The following is a list of the available blocks (which can be activated from "User preferences"):



My Files


Personal files folder: this is a special widget with drag and drop function to allow rapid storage of personal documents by dragging them to the Home Page. In this way, every user has a private folder for documents and drafts in progress. The file can be converted into an actual Document by storing it in the Documents module.






Imminent and pending events connected to your calendar.


Upcoming Activities



Events not held.



Top Account


List of the best companies; the contents of this list are calculated by adding all the open potentials and potentials connected to the company.





User chart that shows the number of records for each module assigned to the user.



Top Potentials



List of the most important open activities.


Top Quotes



Classification of quotes by amount.



Key Metrics


This box contains the total number of records included in the list you have created. For example, if you have created a filter called “Hot Leads”, by enabling the “Key index” flag this box will show the total number of leads of this type present in vtenext.



Top Trouble Tickets



The Trouble Tickets (Customer Service) List assigned to you or to one of the groups of which you are a member.



My Group Allocation



List of the to-dos that have been assigned to you or to one of the groups in which you are a member.



Top Sale Orders



Best Sales, classified by amount.


Top Invoices



Open status invoices, classified by amount.


My Best Leads



Latest leads created and assigned to you.


Best Quotes



Classification of sale orders by amount.


My Recent FAQ



Connection to the latest FAQs published on vtenext.





Box containing the latest news from vtenext.






Box to access the vtenext quick guide.





User conversations box list.

To create a new customised element click on home_add_window.png and choose the type of element to add.


For example, if you wish to add a new Module, you will be presented with a screen similar to the following:add_module.png

You must enter a title for this new window (e.g. All companies), indicate the number of elements to display (e.g. 10), which filter to use for displaying that dashboard (e.g. All filter) and finally, establish which fields are to be displayed, with a maximum of 2 (e.g. Company Name and Phone number).

The result of this configuration can be seen in the following screen:add_module_result.png

The order of the boxes can be changed by dragging them to the required position with the mouse.

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