2.3.1 Global Search

The global search function, located in the first place on the right-hand toolbar, allows interrogation related to words within the system. The search can be carried out either in the module in which you are currently working, in all modules, or in only part of the modules (by macro-areas).

After typing the text to search press the button of the function to be interrogated. A mask with various search options is displayed. The concept of macro-area includes all the modules related to the main business processes. Obviously, some modules have (or can have) a horizontal function.

The search macro-areas can be directly customised by individual users by clicking on “Search area settings”, which is on the bottom right in the areas summary window. The search results are displayed in a new browser tab and presented with an overview in order to make the relations existing among the subjects clearer.

Right side menu bar

If the entered text cannot be found by any of the filters set by the user, no search results will be produced. For example, if you search for an email address and the field is not present in any column of any filter, vtenext will not find the entered value.
We therefore suggest creating a filter in the records with the Email field inserted in the choice of columns.
Furthermore, the entered text is not searched in linked fields.

Note: The % character can be used as a wildcard for the search function. For example, to find two contacts such as Rossetti and Rossotti, you can simply type Ros%ti.

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