2.3.3 Contextual Icons

Used to create a new entity with respect to the module in which you are currently positioned.

Makes it possible to edit calendar settings.

Provides access to module properties, allowing the view parameters to be edited.


Through the key “Add tab” we can access to the following sub-menu:

Use the “Add tab” button to access the following submenus:

  • New simple tab to insert a new view with a wizard or charts;

  • New list tab to add another view linked to an existing filter;

  • New tab with report to view an existing report in related to the module in question (e.g. if the report is entered in the Contacts module the results of a report created for this Module can be entered and viewed).

  • Import data into the CRM from .csv format files (comma separated values). Export data from the CRM in .csv format files (comma separated values).
  • Find duplicates: to check for the presence of duplicates based on parametrizable search criteria.
  • Change layout in the Home module only, choosing the number of columns.
  • Download new emails in the Messages module.

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