5.1 Outbound mail configuration (SMTP)

To activate the transmission of emails from CRM, fill in the SMTP server data in Settings > Mail server > Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).


choose the server type from among the ones on the list; if your mail server type is not included choose CUSTOM. Warning! If you use Gmail may not be possible to send email from addresses other than the one shown in this page.

Server Name

mail server address for SMTP access


indicate the port; the system proposes the default port

User Name

indicate the account with which to log on to the mail server; usually the same as the complete email address


access password associated with the account

Requires Authentication


When you save the data the system will test the entered data, sending a mail to the admin user and an error message will be displayed if it was not possible to send the email (see example in figure).

The SMTP server comes into play for personal emails in the Messages module as well as for sending newsletters: for this activity it is strongly suggested to have a dedicated SMTP server for mass mailing (see specific chapter).

N.B.: the mail servers on protected SSL port must be specified with the server name ssl://servername (e.g. ssl://smtps.aruba.it).

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