5.2.1 IMAP configuration and folders

Once you have set the SMTP server (see above), the IMAP server can be set up here or directly from the Messages module of each user through the cogwheel icon > Account.
Each user will be able to manage multiple mailboxes, both on servers configured in the Admin Settings and on other servers.



choose the account type from among proposed types or choose Custom


mail server address for IMAP access


SSL/TLS if present


specify the domain, for example company.com


selecting "Custom" makes it possible to enter text, images, and links as a personal signature at the foot of email messages, while selecting "Company Name" (Acme, in the example) allows the signature configured in settings to be used. This new function is called "Centralized signature"




After having entered the access credentials, set up the main folders for incoming emails, sent emails, drafts, bin and spam.
The user can change the layout at any time by accessing Folders from the Messages module


Once the configuration, of one or more accounts is ended, you can find in the Message module the list of the folders (standard and special) divided for each account or in a unified version.
This allows the user to display, for example, all the incoming emails from different addresses in one single folder.

Special folders

There are two special folders in the folders list:

  • Shared: contains emails that other users have shared with you via a conversation (see below);
  • Imported: contains all the Messages that are not included in any of the user's IMAP accounts for various reasons, but are linked to a vtenext record;
  • Flagged: contains emails marked
  • Scheduled: contains all the scheduled messages that have to be sent, according to the chosen time and date.


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