5.4 Conversation module

vtenext proposes an alternative solution to manage the exchange of information within your organisation, avoiding the transmission of emails or paper notes that cannot be tracked.

To open the Conversation module click the icon on the right-hand toolbar.
Once the Conversation text has been entered into the “Start new conversation” field, click the “Public” button and select whether to publish the Conversation to all users or to a defined subset of users.

Other participants can be added to Conversations already in progress by means of the icon next to the name of the user to whom you are talking .The newly contacted user can view the entire Conversation from the beginning.

To start a conversation on a specific topic, such as a potential, use the dedicated Conversations tool at the foot of the page in the record concerned.

This means the conversation will be interrelated with the subject in which you are currently located. For users who receive the conversation, the subject can be clicked to access it (assuming the user has the required access credentials in accordance with his/her profile). The conversation will also be listed at the bottom of the record.

Specific records can be linked to generic conversation without links but already started means of the Link button, located in the first message of the conversation.

Warning! A conversation can be linked to only one entity.

Whenever a user writes a new conversation or replies to a conversation already in progress in which you are participating, you will receive a notification on the icon.

Search in conversations

You can perform searches in conversations by means of the specific command located in the window at the top right. The search does not include words inserted in linked elements.

Delete comment

Users can delete their comments published in conversations by means of the X button shown on the right. This action will also remove all comments posted in reply to the deleted comment.

Warning: the primary conversation can be deleted only by the person who created it.

Public and generic conversations

Not all users can be enabled to conduct public conversations (addressed to all users) or generic conversations (unrelated to vtenext subjects).

From the user tab, the CRM administrator defines whether or not to enable the user for public or generic conversations.

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