6.1.7 Newsletter Template Creation

Now we will learn how to create a new Newsletter Template by using the drag&drop editor. Accessing the editor, at the top right we will find the edit / action buttons, while the right column will change according to the selection made on the previously indicated buttons. By default, we find all the blocks with the elements available to create a new template (see following image).


Use the button to create 1 section by dragging it into the workspace (white space in the centre of the screen).


At this point it is possible to insert an element inside this cell, like for example a logo or a block of text. We proceed with the insertion of the image of a company logo, dragging the Image button in the space previously created.


Select the image to upload on the pc or paste the absolute URL near the button Add Image.


Now you can manage length and height in order for the image to be responsive. It is best to click on the image to make it active and then click on the icon to Manage Styles newsletter_open_style_manager.png and provide a percentage size for the lenght (eg. 30%) while leaving all the other dimensions in Auto.
In this way the image size will auto adapt into each device (you can test it by acting on the icons newsletter_responsive_icons.png).


By clicking on the icon that allows to go black to the complete blocks newsletter_open_blocks.png list we can continue the creation of our example template by adding a list of elements that could useful to use the combo image/text. Now select the button Open Blocks and drag it on the work area.