6.2.2 Requirements and settings for use of the Newsletter module

For correct use of the Newsletter module the following requirements must be met, or the following configuration must be applied:

vtenext must be public (accessible via Internet): this requirement guarantees correct tracking of the opening of emails and clicks on the links they contain. Make sure the variable
$site_URL of the file /htdocs/config.inc.php is set to the vtenext public address.

Example: $site_URL = ‘http://crm.dominioazienda.it’;

Configuration of email address for Bounces:

Bounces are invalid email addresses to which Newsletter sending has failed. A dedicated email address is needed for the management of bounced messages, using the company mail domain, i.e. the domain show in Settings > Mail server > SMTP.

Warning! If the domain is different there’s a risk that the emails sent from the Newsletter module are marked as spam.

Once the mailbox has been configured, configure the parameters of the file:
modules/ Campaigns/ProcessBounces.config.php

Parameters to be set:





Email address



Email server



User Name





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