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6.1 Newsletter Campaigns

The Newsletter module, integrated with the “Campaigns” module, is the vtenext solution for management of mass mailing of newsletters to accounts, contacts and leads towards an unlimited target of recipients for campaigns.

In addition to sending marketing campaigns, this module allows you to track all movements related to single newsletters, with statistics for email openings and clicks on links for each campaign, etc.

In general, a newsletter is contained in a campaign and a campaign contains all the newsletters that are sent though time. Campaigns therefore make it possible to segment this marketing activity, calibrating transmissions based on objectives and targets.

There are two possible ways of creating a new newsletter with vtenext:

A. Wizard: the “Newsletter Wizard” button, that can be found in the Newsletters and Campaigns modules, facilitates the creation of a new campaign (see chapter 6.1.5).


B. Manual procedure: consisting in the execution of the steps of the procedure without the wizard and in the extended version. Makes it possible to understand the logic of the Campaign-Target-Newsletter relations underlying the transmission; we therefore recommend using this method initially, and then exploiting the wizard shortcut once you have understood the logic.

Below, we examine the 3 steps in detail.

Step 1: Create a campaign or access an existing campaign.
Step 2: Define the campaign Target recipients.
Step 3: Define the email template for the newsletter.

Warning! The manual procedure is recommended when you need to create another newsletter within the same campaign.