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9.5 Invoices

The billing module is useful for managing the administrative part in vtenext (amounts to be paid, closed invoices, outstanding invoices) and keeping all the customer history in one platform.

The module can be used independently from the Quotes module. Companies often prepare very accurate quotes with long product descriptions, while invoices are almost always summary descriptions indicating amounts and payment methods.

The Create Invoice button from the sales order or quote master (Other menu) will open with the invoice already attached, proposing the same content.

9_5 Invoices.png


Invoice name

Sales order

Link field to the original sales order

Customer Number

If the customer has an internal code

Invoice date

Each invoice must have a date

Payment due date

Due date for payment of this invoice

Purchase Order

Reference to the customer's purchase order, if any

Manufacturing tax

Information on manufacturing taxes

Sales Commissions

Any sales commission

Account Name

Link to the customer company


Important for knowing the state of progress of the invoice. The statuses can be freely set by the system administrator

Assigned to

User who manages the invoice, by default the person creating it

The invoice can be exported to PDF according to the available templates: see PDF Maker chapter.