3. Modules

3.1 Calendar and Tasks

These two modules are used to add activities and deadlines in the vtenext Calendar. Everything that is entered will appear within a few seconds in the same Calendar but web side.

When a new Calendar record is created it must be assigned to a user (yourself, or another vtenext user) and it can also be associated with a Contact and/or a Company. Other data is also required: the date, start time, status, description, and all other information considered necessary.

In the left-hand column it is possible to navigate to other information (and modules) related to the activity just created.

The list of Tasks is displayed as follows when this item is clicked in the menu:

3.1 [1].PNG

Clicking on the icon image-1655717342208.png allows selection of Calendar view modes:

3.1 [4].PNG 3.1 [5].PNG

Clicking on the icon image-1655717436570.png opens the list of available users (who have shared the Calendar with us):


This is how the Calendar appears, opened by clicking this item in the menu. It shows all the appointments for the selected day and their temporal sequence during the day. You can change the view from “Day” to “Month” or view the details of a single task.

3.1 [2].PNG
Day View

3.1 [3].PNG
Month View


3.2 Messages

The Messages module allows you to read e-mails using the vtenext App. As soon as the module is opened a screen is displayed like the following: