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Basic Process Configuration

Business Process Manager Manual Basic Process Configuration

The process represented above is now described in detail. It is really easy:the process starts every time a new company record is created and its Rating is checked.Depending on that the flow takes two different paths.If the value is set on “Active” a new Po...

11 Passive cycle: vendors and purchase orders

User Manual vtenext 22.05

2 First steps: how to browse vtenext

User Manual vtenext 22.05

10 After-sales: trouble tickets and activity tracking

User Manual vtenext 22.05

9 Sales: from the potentials to the invoice

User Manual vtenext 22.05

8 Inventory: products, services and price books

User Manual vtenext 22.05

7 Modulo GDPR

User Manual vtenext 22.05

6 Marketing Communication Tools

User Manual vtenext 22.05

Creazione di una nuova entità

Plugin per Outlook

Oltre alla possibilità di sincronizzare eventi e compiti tra il calendario di Outlook e quello interno a vtenext, si possono creare nuove entità di vtenext direttamente da Outlook attraverso l’utilizzo di Webservice. Nella schermata di COLLEGA EMAIL, il pulsan...

Which are the benefits?

Business Process Manager Manual BPMN Introduction

Which are the benefits? Mapping the processes of your company allows you to: improve the company efficiency; follow the procedures in a standard and univocal way; reduce human errors; reduce execution times; verify the existence of bottlenecks; reduce ...

Let’s see how the Business Process Manager works

Business Process Manager Manual BPMN Introduction

To crate a process in vtenext the following steps must be followed Click on: 1- Settings 2- Process Manager 3- New The following screen will open, you will have to indicate the name of the process and an eventual description. There are two main choice...


Business Process Manager Manual BPMN Introduction

Here below the symbols to create a diagram:

Basic rules

Business Process Manager Manual BPMN Introduction

Before seeing in detail the symbols used in vtenext is important to understand some fundamental rules for the graphical design of a process. Here below you can find and easy diagram and in the following slides a description for its configuration in vtenext. I...

Advanced Process Configuration - LEAD MANAGEMENT

Business Process Manager Manual Advanced Process Configuration - LEAD M...

  Once the process is graphically designed we work on the interface. Below we can see, step by step, how the configuration is done. In the chart below is reported the process flow for the lead management. At the moment of its creation the  Admin User will d...

14 PDF Maker

User Manual vtenext 22.05

Advanced Process Activation - LEAD MANAGEMENT

Business Process Manager Manual Advanced Process Configuration - LEAD M...

Once enabled we run a check, we go to the Lead module and we create a new one. As pictured below, to enter the process is necessary to respect all the conditions. Here it is foregone since the initial condition is the Surname field not to be empty (which is al...

1 - How to create a Table field

Business Process Manager Manual How to use Advanced BPMN Actions

Table field use This type of field allows to have more type of fields in it.It is displayed as a table formed by N columns (depending on the number of fields configured) and N lines (depending on the number of lines the user decides to add). It is useful to s...

1 - Basic Process configuration - Installation renewals

Business Process Manager Manual How to use Advanced BPMN Actions

  Let’s proceed with the creation of an easy process to manage the renewal of an Asset.When an installation expires the user will switch the Status to “Out of Order”.At this point the process will begin.An eventual renewal will be notified to the user in ch...

1 - Basic Process activation - Installation renewals

Business Process Manager Manual How to use Advanced BPMN Actions

  PROCESS ACTIVATION We can test now the process in action. There are no existing renewal and we set the Status field on “Out of Service”. Now the assignee of the record will display a pop up with the chance to add one or more renewals.In this case we a...

3 - Web service integration

Business Process Manager Manual How to use Advanced BPMN Actions

Web service integration Using WebServices it is possible to integrate different systems.Using this function it is possible to receive data from external sources.This is made possible by using set API that will give back json values, those will become variable...

Process Configuration - POTENTIAL MANAGEMENT

Business Process Manager Manual Subprocesses

Main Process: Potential Management We use the Task Sub Processes to create them, doing so we will simplify the logic behind the main process.In the example below we will draw 2 Sub Processes: 1st Send a summary email to the assignee and creates reminder ...


Business Process Manager Manual Subprocesses

PROCESS ACTIVATION At this point we completed the configuration of the process and sub processes. Therefore we proceed by checking the proper running of the process.Now we create a new Potential.In this case we set the Sales Status on “Open”.   Once the P...

Business Unit Module

Business Unit Module

Introduction  Multi-Company Module is an advanced feature that allows a group of companies to use a single vtenext environment. The module provided to: Have a single customer database for all the companies in the group but with diversified data visibilit...

Installation Requirements vtenext 18.12

Installation Requirements

1. Minimun Hardware requirements: Ram: 2 GB Hard Disk: 20 GB CPU: 2 Ghz dual core 2. Recommended Hardware requirements: Ram: 4 GB Hard Disk: 80 GB CPU: 2 Ghz quad core 3. Recommended Operating System: The recommended operating system for the vtene...


Installer/Configurator Course vtenext installation on Linux Ubuntu 16...

Open Putty and connect to the remote host where you will install VTE via SSH connection. First, you must run the command apt-get update to update the local package with the recent changes in the repository. Then type the command apt-get upgrade to update th...


Installer/Configurator Course vtenext installation on Linux Ubuntu 16...

CRON Configuration Verify that the file in the cron folder has execute permissions through the command sudo chmod a+x Enter the command crontab –e and insert the following line: * * * * * /var/www/html/VTE_FOLDER/cron/ >...


Advanced Warehouses and Price Lists

Lo scopo del presente documento è di descrivere le procedure e le modalità di utilizzo operativo del componente aggiuntivo “Magazzini & Listini Avanzati”. Introduzione Il componente aggiuntivo Magazzini & Listini Avanzati permette di estendere le fu...

13 Reports and charts

User Manual vtenext 22.05

15 Other Functions

User Manual vtenext 22.05

Connettore Exchange

Il connettore Exchange di vtenext, permette di sincronizzare bidirezionale con Calendario, Compiti e Contatti.

Sviluppi SDK lato Portale


Exchange Connector

The vtenext Exchange connector, allows you to synchronize bi-directionally with Calendar, Tasks and Contacts.

Connettore Mailchimp

Il nuovo modulo rappresenta la soluzione definitiva per la sincronizzazione in modo bidirezionale di liste, campagne, newsletter e template tra MailChimp e vtenext. Il presente documento rappresenta la guida completa per la configurazione e l’uso del modulo.


Connettore Wildix

Il modulo è stato concepito per consentire all’utente di eseguire le attività legate ai processi aziendali su VTENEXT e poter contestualmente gestire la chiamata in corso direttamente dall’interfaccia di VTENEXT.


Expand a Hard Disk with Ubuntu LVM

Release Note vtenext 20.04

vtenext 20.04 release notes

Modulo Analitics

Modulo Fiere ed Eventi

Release Note vtenext 21.01

Richieste HR

Questo modulo aggiuntivo, permette di gestire le richieste di Permessi, Ferie, Malattia e Lavoro da Remoto, con un sistema di approvazioni automatiche e manuali, che seguono la gerarchia crm.

16 Hierarchical roles and user profiling

User Manual vtenext 22.05

HR Requests

This additional module allows you to manage requests for Permits, Holidays, Sickness and Remote Work, with a system of automatic and manual approvals, which follow the crm hierarchy.

Connettore 3CX

Pannello Cloud Partner

Guida su come accedere ed utilizzare il Pannello Cloud Partner.

Release Note vtenext 21.10



Installazione vte su Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Corso Installer/Configurator

Simbologia e Regole fondamentali

Manuale dei processi

1 Introduction

User Manual vtenext 22.05

12 Projects and orders management

User Manual vtenext 22.05

20 System logs

User Manual vtenext 22.05

19 Customise module numbering

User Manual vtenext 22.05

18 Other vtenext Settings

User Manual vtenext 22.05

17 vtenext customization: advanced settings

User Manual vtenext 22.05

"Warehouse" management

Advanced Warehouses and Price Lists

Come anticipato, il componente aggiuntivo permette di estendere le funzionalità standard di vtenext CRM relativamente alla gestione dei magazzini. La configurazione del componente è molto semplice e prevede di partire dalla creazione di un magazzino. Creazion...