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Analysis of the HR Request Processes and the main variables

When the HR Requests module is installed in the CRM, there are two pre-installed processes that allow it to work.
Such processes are named as follows:


HR Request



Detail of the HR Requests management process

In the image here, it is possible to notice the complexity of the process allowing to manage all the automations and the module, but it is important to focus on two fundamental aspects that you will very likely need to modify.

The highlighted block, named “2 hours”, allows changing the parameter that we talked about in the previous chapter, that is the automatic approval of the HR Request if the duration is lower or equal to 2 hours.

Thus, by clicking on the “Check Duration” task, it will be possible to change this value determined in seconds (by default it is set to 7200, which corresponds to 2 hours).


“Check Duration” task detail

The highlighted block, named “HR Confirmation Reassignment”, shows instead a task called “Check Supervisor Approval”, which has a connected waiting timer lasting 15 days (if the HR Request is not processed by the Supervisor within 15 days, it will be assigned back to the Area Coordinator, who will be authorized to approve or refuse the request).

By clicking on the clock icon, it will be possible to change the waiting time as desired.


Detail configuration of the waiting time for reassignment screen

Another analysis should be about the block called “Fill Out Medical Certificate Reminder”, as shown in the image below:


Block for the configuration of waiting days for Medical Certificate filling out reminder detail

In fact, by looking at the task called “Check Certificate Number”, we can notice a linked timer set for 1 day, by clicking on which it will be possible to vary this time period as desired (this is the time that the CRM waits for before resending the missed filling out email to the directly involved person).


Detail of configuration screen of waiting time for Medial Certificate filling out

Cancelled HR Request


Detail of process diagram for HR Request cancellation

This process takes place when a Collaborator directly enters the request detail and clicks on the CANCEL HR REQUEST button.


Detail of previously approved HR request, with highlighted cancellation button (operation feasible only by the Collaborator that does not include confirmation requests)

Basically, the process checks to see if the Collaborator has clicked on the mentioned button, checks whether the Collaborator is a Coordinator or a subordinate, and consequently sends a series of emails to those involved. In practice, if the Collaborator is also an Area Coordinator, the Coordinator and the Administration will be informed (it is possible to set all the figures and email addresses both for senders and for recipients).

If instead, the Collaborator is a subordinate, some notice emails will be sent to the Collaborator, the corresponding Coordinator and the Administration.