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Page Header

You can customize the user icon, the settings icon or the blue bars at the top of the pages of VTE to incorporate new features. To do this, simply extend the method setCustomVars of class VTEPageHeader as follows:

SDK::setClass('VTEPageHeader', 'NewPageHeader', 'modules/SDK/src/NewPageHeader.php');

The file NewPageHeader.php will have this content:


class NewPageHeader extends VTEPageHeader {
	protected function setCustomVars(&$smarty, $options = array()) {
		$overrides = array(

			// HTML code to be put right after the menu bar
			'post_menu_bar' => null,

			// HTML code right after the second bar
			'post_primary_bar' => null,

			// HTML code after the third bar
			'post_secondary_bar' => null,

			// HTML code that replace the standard user icon
			'user_icon' => null,

			// HTML code that replace the standard settings icon
			'settings_icon' => null,
		// assign these values to a smarty variable
		$smarty->assign("HEADER_OVERRIDE", $overrides);