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Turbolift Counter

When changing the standard extraction criteria of a related list, for example using another method or redefining it by extending the class that contains it, the counter of the number of the linked records visible in the Turbolift (the right column with the list of modules in record detail) may no longer be valid. In this case, therefore, a method that returns the correct count must be defined through the following API.

SDK::setTurboliftCount($relation_id, $method);

$relation_id : relation id (table vte_relatedlists)
$method : the method name that returns the correct count

The method must be implemented in the class that contains the relation (e.g. in the Contact relationship connected to a Company we mean the Accounts class or any extensions to it)

To remove the customization:


The defined method can be the related list method (column name in vte_relatedlists) or a custom method that returns an integer.