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CRON Configuration

Verify that the file in the cron folder has execute permissions through the command sudo chmod a+x Enter the command crontab –e and insert the following line:

* * * * * /var/www/html/VTE_FOLDER/cron/ >> /var/www/html/VTE_FOLDER/logs/cron.log 2>&1

Backup and Restore

The backup can be done using a tool easily findable on the web.


1) tar xzvf /backups/FILE.tgz and after chown -R www-data:www-data CARTELLA

2) recreate the DB (CHARSET UTF-8) and type the following commands:

  • - gunzip FILE.sql.gz
  • - mysql DATABASE < FILE.sql

If you move/duplicate VTE check the parameters in the new


4) $dbconfig[‘db_name’] e relative credenziali di accesso al servizio database

5) $site_URL

6) $root_directory

NB: In this case it will be necessary to reactivate the vtenext license.


Set true the db_dieOnError (

In this way, in case of an error, the query is shown with directions on where the error is.

To enable the debugging of VTE and see all the functions which handle the application open config.performance. php and set to LOG4PHP_DEBUG. On line 19 of replace FATAL with DEBUG.