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1.4 vtenext Business 18.02 Release Note


New language packs

Four new language packs can be selected from the user preferences: French, Russian, Polish and Spanish.

New NEXT design theme available

  • In addition to the SOFTED theme, the NEXT theme can be selected from user preferences. The graphic layout has been totally revamped with a more modern design in line with the latest trends.
  • The module bar is located on the left and can be minimized as an icon. The last icon at the bottom includes all modules and areas.
  • The function bar (conversations, notifications, quick creation, etc.) on the right includes a link to the process module and search function.

Process Module

Displays a list of all processes in vtenext.

Search function

The same Search key is used for global as well as specific search functions, according to the
module being used.
For example: from the Trouble Ticket section the user can search a term in that specific section,
in the entire CRM system, or only among the tickets available.


Advanced functions for drawing up BPMN processes / scheduling campaigns with BPMN

  • With vtenext, BPMN processes can be created with a higher level of module interaction with N to N relationships (previously 1 to N) and excluding the initial condition (for further details please refer to the BPMN User Manual).
  • Conditional fields can be used for process tasks, and the Newsletter module can be used to automatically generate marketing campaigns that send automatic emails based on criteria defined by the user.
  • The process layout features different colours according to the tasks selected (NB. the colour is determined automatically by the system).

Processes can be rewound and repeated

For each entity involved in the active process, it is possible to return to a previous step by selecting it from those available (for further details please refer to the BPMN User Manual).


New reporting options (newsletters and clusters)
The REPORTS module now includes:

  • A NEWSLETTER module for report creation, with the possibility of adding standard and advanced filters. Statistics and Clicked Links can be displayed from the report columns.
  • Clusters for further segmenting results in a summary tab and the graphs, using different colours. The graph results will include the clusters; all the other results will be grouped together in a gray bar.
  • When creating a new report, the admin user can program the automated sending of report results in a Pdf or Excel fi le by email, and select the recipients amongst the users.


New reporting options (newsletters and clusters)

REST client web service settable from vtenext
REST web services connect vtenext to any other compatible, external platform. SDKs can be set for external database updating without any obligation to use them. URL addresses can be retrieved through the parameters.

Version check and import/export functions for modifications to MODULES, PROCESSES, PRO-

All new settings for modules, processes, roles and profiles can be saved, generating a new version (e.g. v.1.0). Versions can be exported or imported during setup operations to improve security.

PHP 7 support

vtenext is not compatible with PHP 7 support

Table fields

In Module Manager> Layout Editor, a new TABLE type field can be added. It consists of a number of fields through which data can be entered on the same line, thus optimizing the way information is displayed. By default it comes in the form of a single line, with field headings. To add other lines, click on ADD LINE.

Individual lines can be either duplicated or deleted.


Automatic target synchronization

With this new function it is no longer necessary to update a target in order to manage a newsletter. The target will be updated automatically in two different ways (as selected by the user):

  • Incremental updating: names are added to the target according to the initial filter without ta-
    king into account filter variations reguarding records exclusions;
  • Complete updating: the target is updated according to the filter value.


Multiple SMTPs can be associated to a single email account

In the Messages module, a different SMTP can be configured for the outgoing mail of each account.


Activities tracking functions using the mobile App

The mobile App tracks activities in order to automatically create calendar events and/or tickets.

The ‘START’ function is available by selecting the three points on the right. ‘PAUSE’ and ‘END’ can be selected from the same menu.


New entities can be created and connected in the Outlook plug-in

By updating the Outlook plug-in the user can:

  • Synchronize Contacts, Events and Tasks both ways with vtenext;
  • Connect each email to individual contacts;
  • Create new contacts and connect their email address (for example in order to create leads/
    tickets/etc. and connect the email address directly to the new contact).