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1.9 vtenext Business 21.01 Release Note

General improvements

1. European national holidays support on Calendars.


2. Improved centralized audit trial and activities export.

Audit Trails view, located in settings

3. Centralized email Signature with possibility to differentiate it according to the Business Unit.


4. New “Bookme” feature in email signature. The user can define the available time slots in its calendar, adding a book me event type, the external users will so be able to book an appointment. The Book me box in the email module allows the user to enable/disable the feature.


User settings view


Email composer view

5. Temporary document saving uploaded on the database if the filesystem is not available or in read only mode (good for NAS/web storage style)

6. Office365 OAuth2 for Imap mail

7. AutoDetect of external HTML links for calendar events: largely used by online meeting platform invitations (eg. Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.). This new feature allows the possibility to report the meeting link directly in the calendar event

8. Activities ran in background: activities that used to take a lot of time, like the telemarketing records’ creation, are now ran in background in order to avoid the time out

9. The data import now supports the product variants, introduced in vtenext previous release. In this way the product import, from ERPs or other platforms, is facilitated.

10. Bug fixing.


1. The product variants are now available in the Process Maker

2. It is possible to cycle the records related to another record like as if it was a table field

3. It is possible to start a process when a record, N a N related to another record, is related (e.g. a process can start when a Contact is related to an Account)

4. The Emails sent from the process are now automatically related to the record

5. All the documents linked to a record can be sent via Email automatically by the Process

6. Emails are transferred from a record to another, via process, in a simplified manner

7. The Process Helper allows the display of documents linked to the parent record

8. From this release on it is not possible to create Workflows. The module will still be available in read only mode.


1. In the new release are now available new types of integrations with external platforms.
Already existing integrations:

    • Hubspot
    • Salesforce
    • SuiteCRM
    • Jira
    • vtiger

2. Additional integrated modules:

    • Accounts

    • Products

    • Currency

    • Sales orders

    • Taxation

3. The synchronization also involves the following new ecommerce:

    • Magento

    • PrestaShop

    • Shopify

    • WooCommerce

Elastic Search

With the 21.01 release the new feature Elastic Search is introduced to all vtenext modules. It allows to display the search results in a faster manner.