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1.7 vtenext Business 19.10 Release Note

Automatic updates from the interface
This makes it easier to keep the system constantly updated so new functions can be released more frequently, with milestones for any technical constraints (e.g.: PHP Version)

Addition of BPMN engine
1. Deadlines Management: dynamic periods can be set up in the process timers, such as: 3 months prior to contract expiry date, etc.
2. Send Notifications: the centralised notification system can be enabled from the process for single notifications or by cycling through a table field
3. Transfer Relations: related entities can be transferred (1:N) or copied (N:N) from one record to another
4. Cycle Related Entity Tables: makes it possible to cycle a table field present in records connected to the record currently being processed
5. Date functions:

  • International date formats
  • Current date (formatted)
  • Difference between dates

6. PDFMaker: possibility of selecting entities and records to which to link the PDF and especially the template in the language to be used for creation of the process PDF
7. Dynamic form attachments: you can upload a file from a popup menu/dynamic form; the file is related to the process parent record
8. Reading of extended web service client attributes: in the case of multiple JSON results from WSCLI, all first level attributes of the returned object can be used
9. Improvements in usability and compatibility of the GUI process editor
10. Filterable and sortable processes list
11. Right side interactive indicator: as shown in the image on the right (Fig. 1), pending processes that require action from the user will be notified (web, mobile); clicking on the icon will make it possible to view the complete list of pending processes.

Figure 1

Human readable process activities log: shows the process execution steps in explanatory list format, as an alternative to the classic BPMN view mode, see Fig.2.

Figure 2

Customer Portal Extension SDK
1. Wizard for creation and editview
2. Addition of custom modules
3. Automatic calendar slot reservation

Desktop Notifications
On arrival of a new messages and conversations notification a system notification is displayed and can be clicked to open a detail tab for quick viewing.

New display mode: Dark Mode

Introduction of dark mode for the web version and mobile version not only gives the vtenext theme a modern look that is graphically consistent with the latest operating systems, this new function makes it possible to remove non-optimised legacy code between presentation layout/application.

Mobile App
1. Dark mode
2. Highlights pending processes with an on-top keypad
3. ‘a-A’ messages zoom with introduction of easy access view mode
4. Minor improvements and bug fixing

VTEsync for Information Platform
One of the most significant functions introduced with version 19.10 is the native synchronisation with Salesforce®.
This characteristic allows bi-directional communication of the following modules via OAuth2:
1. Accounts
2. Installations
3. Campaigns
4. Leads
5. Potentials
6. Products
7. Trouble Tickets

Performance Optimisations
1. Native MySQL master-slave support (reports, list counts, global searches, miscellaneous relations count, data export)
2. Reduced footprint single cache-> global APC/Memcache

System requirements
1. HTTP2 support
2. PHP-FastCGI support
3. Minimum PHP version >= 7.0

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Native integration with Klondike: On-Cloud as a service with pre-trained models, On-Premise for design/contractual requirements.

Approximately one hundred new functions and improvements have been introduced. In fact, these are the result of 10 months of continuous bug fixing. A changelog is provided so the changes can be viewed in detail.