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1 - How to create a Table field

Table field use

This type of field allows to have more type of fields in it.
It is displayed as a table formed by N columns (depending on the number of fields configured) and N lines (depending on the number of lines the user decides to add). It is useful to store more information in one field.
Here below we can find and example.

First we proceed by creating a new table field in the desired module.
In this case the field will be used to manage the Asset renewals, therefore it will be created in the corresponding module.

Once the table field is created the configuration window above will open.
At this point, is possible to add and name the different type of fields in it (Text, Number, Date…).
In this case for each line 6 fields will be present (Text, Date, Email, Telephone, Text Area), 3 of which are mandatory.