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3 - Web service integration

Web service integration

Using WebServices it is possible to integrate different systems.
Using this function it is possible to receive data from external sources.
This is made possible by using set API that will give back json values, those will become variables that can be used within every process.

To exploit the potentialities of the Web Service first it is necessary to enter some fundamental parameters.
To do so we go to:

Settings  --> Business Process --> Manager External --> Web Services

Clicking on “Add” it is possible to set a new Web Service with the desired parameters.
In this case we use

Once configured the desired Web Service it can be used in every process.
Let’s see an example:

  • In the first task we recall the a Web Service set to become an actual entity of the process.
  • In the second task the principal entity of the process will be updated with the data given by the Web Service itself.


In this Task we set the use of the previously configured Web Service:
New Action Call --> External Web Service

From the pick list Web Service we select the desired one and so all the related data will be displayed.
At this point it becomes an effective entity of the process. In the section Parameters it is possible to add dynamics values to pass to the URL.
The Parameter’s name and its value are indeed specified (it can be selected by the pick list “Values”.


It is now possible to update any field of the selected entity with the values obtained by the Web Service.
Here we decide to update the field “Description” and so we select in the pick list the entity Web Service.
After that, we select one of the given field, in this case the “crypt” field is highlighted which gives back the md5