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2 - Send newsletter

Newsletter sending

It is possible to schedule the newsletter sending using the processes.
Doing so we can massively send emails to more addresses using preset template and campaigns (with the related target etc).


This is a Script Task. It was previously used in the process for the Lead management. After the link with the target a
newsletter sending is scheduled starting from an existing campaign.

New Action --> Send Newsletter

We now proceed by configuring this Task. We select a campaign, here we use an existing one (it is also possible to create a new one).
We select name and address of the sender and the receivers. In this case we select the “Partner Conference” target, doing so we take all the related email addresses.
Lastly, instead of writing the email it is possible to select a pre existing template (Email template es. Tell a friend about vtenext).

Send newsletter.

Here below is reported an example of the email received by the recipient of the email.