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11.2 Purchase Orders

Through Add Purchase Order from the reports menu of the supplier data sheet, you can attach a pre-filled order with the link to the supplier in question.

The rationale of the Purchase Order is the same as that of the Sales Order that has already been covered, with fewer options. This document can also be exported in PDF or other formats using the PDF Maker tool.


Order title

Vendor Name

Link to the supplier registry present in vtenext

Requisition No

If you use this code

Tracking Number

If you have the identifier for tracking the shipment

Contact Name

Connection to the order contact person

Due Date

Order expiry date


Carrier who will make the shipment

Sales Commission

If applied

Excise Duty

Information on taxes, if applied


Important for knowing the state of progress of this delivery


User of vtenext that manages the order

Purchase Order.png

For the product line compilation, see the details in Sales Orders section.

Received Shipment
Once the Status = Received Shipment has been set, the system will automatically update the stock of the products: the quantity indicated in the purchase order will be added to current stock. The stock of a product is indicated in the Quantity in Stock field in the product data sheet.