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18.7 Currencies

It is possible to manage different types of currencies in the event there are users who have to draw up offers in a currency different from the one proposed by default by the system (Euro).
From Settings > Currencies you can view the currencies configured in the system and add new ones.

18.7 [1].png

The following information is required to create a new currency:

Currency Name

The name of the currency you want to manage, for example "USA, Dollars (USD)"

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate must always be linked to the base currency of vtenext



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Once you have configured the currency, you can:

  • create quotes, sales orders, invoices, DDT, and purchase orders with the new currencies.
  • associate the default currency to each user through the Preferences data sheet. This setting will allow the user to view all currency type fields (e.g., the Invoiced field in the Account registry) in the currency chosen by default, according to the conversion rate indicated in the settings.