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17.8 Standard Picklist Editor

It allows you to modify the content of Picklists, adding or modifying the values present, and assigning different views by role (i.e.: two users of different roles see different values of the same picklist).

17.8 [1].png

  1. select module
  2. choose the picklist field
  3. add values to the picklist. If the picklist is not a mandatory field, it is recommended to enter a first item which is neutral such as – select – to remind users to enter the drop-down menu and to prevent the first value entered being taken by default
  4. edit picklist values
  5. delete picklist values
  6. use the "Assign" button to enable other roles to view a picklist value or to change the sorting of entries.

17.8 [2].PNG

Warning! Some Picklist contents cannot be changed/deleted as they are set by default. Picklists are accessible from the Module Manager.