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9.3 Sales orders

The potential can be considered as obtained when the order confirmation arrives. The order, however, may change from the initial proposed quote. vtenext gives you the option of keeping track of these differences. By default, the Generate Sales Order button from the Other menu of the quote sheet allows you to create the order by transferring the contents of the quote and making any changes.



We recommend including the reference to the company and/or potential to facilitate any future search of the order

Potential Name

Link between the order and relevant potential

Customer Number

If you use customer number codes, you can enter the one relating to the order here

Quote Name

Link to the quote that originated the order

Purchase Order

If the customer sends you a reference to their purchase order, you can enter it here

Contact Name

Connection with the customer contact (person you deal with)

Due Date

Order due date


You can indicate the carrier that will make the delivery


Important for knowing the state of progress of the order. The statuses can be freely set by the system administrator

Excise Duty

Special taxes or other costs

Account Name

Connection with the customer company to whom the order refers

Sales Commission

Any commissions

Assigned to

The CRM user who is managing the order, by default the person creating it