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15.8 Employees Module

The Employees module allows you to register your employees or co-workers, both internal and external, within vtenext. Every time a new user is created, a new collaborator profile is automatically generated.

The module can be managed like all the others, by modifying the picklist entries for "collaboration type" or by adding new fields as desired.

The default fields, such as First Name and Last Name, as well as all those present in the "User Information" section, cannot be modified through the module. Changes can only be made through "User Preferences." Any modifications made in the user preferences reflect within the Collaborators module.

A collaborator profile can be linked to one of the four profiles present in vtenext: Lead, Company, Contact, or Supplier.

Employee - Administrator [18] - VTENEXT 23.08.png

A practical example of using this module could be to input personal evaluations for each collaborator into a field that's only visible to the Human Resources department (dedicated profile).

In this scenario, the Employees module in vtenext allows the HR team to maintain individual performance assessments for employees or co-workers. This information can be entered into a custom field within the module, specifically designed to store performance ratings or comments. The visibility of this field can be restricted to the HR profile only, ensuring that sensitive performance data is accessible only to authorized personnel.

By utilizing the Employees module in this manner, the company can effectively manage and monitor the performance of its workforce while maintaining data confidentiality and security.