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2.7.2 Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Screenshot 2023-08-24 125005.png

In the User Preferences you can activate the Two-factor Authentication. It can be:

  • Not active;
  • With Wilson app: in this case, to authenticate in vtenext you must consent it from the app;
  • With email: n this case, to authenticate in vtenext you must consent it from an email (with this authentication way you will not be able to access to Wilson App)


If you select this 2FA way a pop-up appears in which a PIN code is required. The PIN code must be composed between 4 and 8 digits.

User - Administrator [1] - VTENEXT 23.08.png

Once clicked the button "Next" you will be asked to type again the PIN code:

User - Administrator [1] - VTENEXT 23.08 (1).png

After clicking the "Save" button is clicked, the 2FA will be ACTIVE. After this, once you try to login in Wilson App you must type the PIN code that you have just created.


But there is more: if the 2FA is activeted and you want to login via Web you must insert your credentials (as usually) and after that you need to type a Security Code. This security code will be sent by push notification. This is what you will see after opening the notification:

Users - VTENEXT 23.08.png

Screen for entering the security code provided by the Wilson app


Screen of the Wilson app providing a security code valid for 60 seconds


Once you select "With email" a pop-up will appear in which you are asked to insert your password.

The next pop-up will inform you that everytime you want to login you will recieve an email with a code that you have to insert in the login page.

attivazione 2fa.png

Contextually, this email will be sent to the user (the email template is editable):

email conferma.png

So, everytime  you want to login via Web you will see this page in which you have to insert the security code recieved by the email:

autenticazione email.png

Here it is the template email of the security code (the email template is editable).

email codice.png


If the 2FA is active and you want to change the way you authenticate or disable it you will be asked to type your user password and the security code which will be sent you via Wilson or Email (it depends on the 2FA you have activated)

cambio 2fa.png

Screen for deactivating/changing two-factor authentication