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2.7.1 Request Remote Support

User - Administrator [1] - VTENEXT 23.08.png

The button Request Remote Support is used to create temporary credentials that must be provided to the vtenext HelpDesk if needed.

Clicking that button makes this pop-up appear:

User - Administrator [1] - VTENEXT 23.08 (1).png

Here you can select the duration of the validity of these credentials and you can also choose to disable the modules Conversations and Messages for this temporary user. This function is provided to protect your privacy. Once you are done you have to click the Confirm button in the bottom-right pop-up side. After this, a new pop-up will appear. From that new pop-up you can copy your temporary credentials and provide them to the HelpDesk.

User - Administrator [1] - VTENEXT 23.08 (2).png

Notice that once you have closed the pop-up, the temporary credentials will not be recoverable. So, if you don't copy the credentials before closing the pop-up you need to Regenerate credentials. Infact, if you click again the button "Request Remote Support" and the latest credentials created are still valid, this pop-up will appear:

User - Administrator [1] - VTENEXT 23.08 (3).png

As you can easily see, you can revoke the credentials or you can regenerate new temporary credentials