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2.1 Instrument Bar and Icons

The instrument bar on every page of the App has the following icons.


Starting from the left:

  • Homepage: to go to the initial page of the App.
  • Processes: to display processes underway requiring the attention of the user.
  • Conversations: to open the module of the same name and reply to users as required (a notification indicates the number of unread conversations).
  • Messages: to open the messages module and read your e-mail (the number of unread messages is indicated).
  • Others: to return to the page listing all modules.

Each module also includes a search field and the + button to add a new record in the current module.


Entering a module you might see the following icons at the top alongside the logo (starting from the left):


  • Settings: for accessing the settings for connecting the App to the Cloud or On Site CRM.
  • Exit: to logout from the Wilson for vtenext mobile App.

In the list display mode, or when viewing the list of records within a module, there are other icons to help navigate and use the App:

2.1 [3].PNG Gives access to the list of filters available for the present module


Allows creation of a new record within the module

Inside each card (Company, Contact, Lead, etc.) there is a series of icons that enable different actions:


Conversations regarding the displayed record


Notes about the displayed record


Calendar events involving the displayed record


Tasks involving the displayed record
2.1 [5].PNG

Access to the list of available relations in the displayed record



Allows modification of the displayed record

The cards contain a number of fields that function as follows:

image-1657181797918.png image-1655716570154.png

Assigned to” field: it is possible to select/display the assignee of the item, in other words the CRM owner User or Group


Text field: for inserting a name, number, information, etc.



Pick-list field (drop-down menu): allows selection of a single value from those in the list



Field for selecting the date


Text Area field: allows, for example, an extended text description