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3.3 Leads

The Leads module is displayed according to the filters available in the App, which are those defined in your user account via web.

It is therefore possible to choose how to display this list by clicking on the icon  2.1 [3].PNG at the top right.

3.3 [1].PNG
Filters available for the Leads module

3.3 [2].PNG
List of Leads

This is how a Lead page is displayed once saved or when searched for within Wilson fo VTENEXT.

3.3 [3].PNG

Logically, clicking on the icon2.1 [5].PNG,shows all the relations in the present record, and clicking on them opens the connected records. All the record details are shown in the center of the display.

3.3 [4].PNG

Organizational layout of the modules related to Leads
Conversations Notes PDF Maker
Activities (Calendar) Tasks (Calendar) Documents
Products Services Messages
Visit Reports Trouble Tickets Processes