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5.1 Settings Overview

The Settings page can be opened using the icon image-1655733952929.png at the top right of the Home page, displaying the following information

General Settings (not editable):
- Web address: to which the Wilson for vtenext mobile App connects;
- Username: identity of the user who accessed the App;
- Vtenext version: the currently installed version of vtenext on your server or cloud;
- App version: the version currently in use of the Wilson for vtenext App;

- Receive push notifications: enable or disable push notifications (only if they have been previously activated from the web settings);
- Configure push notifications: you can choose for which modules to receive notifications, set a customized time range to receive them, and choose whether to be simultaneously notified or not when using the web application;
- Open settings: to enable or block notifications and to activate or deactivate the notification badge on the mobile device;

Two-factors Authentication (2FA):
- Biometrics:
enable or disable access to the app and other actions that can be performed with the app using fingerprint recognition instead of the device PIN;


Settings detail view 1


Settings detail view 2