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3.2 Messages

The Messages module allows you to read e-mails using the vtenext App. As soon as the module is opened a screen is displayed like the following:



This view shows a list of all folders available for the predefined mailbox and, below, you can choose among the configured Mailboxes.

Clicking the button image-1655718251904.png opens a dialogue window for writing and sending a new e-mail.


Clicking on the Inbox folder opens the following view with a list of all e-mails in arrival, both read and unread:


Clicking on a specific incoming e-mail displays a screen like the following:


Every e-mail can be associated with vtenext records or can be the starting point for the creation of a new record. The available modules are displayed at the top of the e-mail message display, or by clicking on the icon 2.1 [5].PNG