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10.1.1 Service channels

The tickets can mainly come from three different communication channels:

Phone: the client calls your company to request support, in this case the ticket will be created by your operator manually on vtenext.

Email: you can dedicate an email address to the management of support requests (example:, by configuring the reading of the box in the HelpDesk module. All emails received in the inbox are transformed into vtenext tickets and sorted manually or automatically (according to workflow). The Mail Converter tool allows this. See the relevant chapter.

Customer Portal: the preferred channel of vtenext, an area reserved to customers where they will be able to open the tickets, which you will receive in real time in the HelpDesk module. You and the customer can have a conversation through comments. The Portal is not only a ticket acquisition channel but also a real management channel for communication with the customer that includes, in addition to the HelpDesk area, FAQs and a series of document-sharing options at the discretion of the admin user. See the relevant chapter for configuration.