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vtenext supports management of all customer-related flows, from acquisition to assistance, allowing also intelligent internal/external communication. Customer activities and communications are stored and available for consultation: vtenext centralises all information around the customer, in particular, information that is unstructured by nature (events, emails, documents, messages), thus increasing the value of the company's database. Furthermore, integration towards external systems (mobile, email server, ERP and e-commerce software and so forth) makes vtenext an ideal single working environment.

vtenext is released in two versions:

  • vtenext Business: version with assistance fee guaranteeing constant support, updates and bug fixing;
  • vtenext Community: free version, with limited functionalities and updates compared to the Business version.

vtenext is the leading open source CRM platform on the Italian market, with more than 19,000 registrations logged to date;

Issued with AGPL-3 license, which provides access to the unencrypted and editable code that can be released to the entire development community;

  • Based on internal and community development activities;
  • Supported by a certified network of more than eighty partners in Italy and Europe;
  • Can operate with MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server and can be installed in Linux or Windows environments;

Can be integrated with the main systems:

  • ERP platforms, namely Zucchetti, SAP, Teamsystem, Mago, Esa Software, As400;
  • Email: GMail, Zimbra (server side) and Outlook, Thunderbird (client side);
  • Documentary references (CMS) and company websites through the use of vtenext web services;
  • Vtenext quality standards are based on unique development and design logic;
  • Tested in extreme situations with millions of records and hundreds of users working simultaneously;
  • Updated according to technological standards and to developments released by the open source community and by the top European software houses;
  • Based on Enterprise logic;
  • Multiplatform: Windows or Linux;
  • Multi-database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL; Certified on Red hat;
  • Verticalised for the main Manufacturing and Service sectors.