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4.5 Import and export activities

To import or export Activities between vtenext and other applications, the standard iCalendar format is available (.ics extension).

To export the activities of the vtenext calendar, you must display it in list mode, select the records to be exported, press ,.the export button and choose the filename. Likewise, to import records from the external iCalendar file, press the import button and follow the procedure.

Import and export activities.png

As an alternative to export / import in iCalendar format, vtenext supplies a series of integrations with very common systems:

  • Synchronisation via Active Sync protocol (extra module);
  • Synchronisation with Exchange calendar (extra module);
  • Synchronisation with GCalendar (extra module);
  • Synchronisation with Zimbra (extra module);
  • Synchronisation with Outlook and Thunderbird via plugin.