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10.5 Services Contract

In vtenext there is the SERVICE CONTRACTS module dedicated to the management of a service sold to a customer, which tracks the provision of the service during the time provided for by the contract.
For example, if you sell a 20-hour service package valid for 1 year, here you can create a package dedicated to the specific client by entering dates and total number of hours, and track the hours through linked tickets.



Insertion Criterion

Due date

End date of contract service

When the status is set on Complete, or when the units used reach or exceed the total units

Planned Duration

Period in days in which the service is planned

When saving the record

Current Duration

Actual period used (in days)

When saving the record or when the unit used is updated


Percentage progress of the service

When saving the record or when the unit used is updated

Related to

Connection to company or contact

Upon creation, manual if you create from scratch, auto-completed if you generate the service from a connected module. Priority is given to Accounts

Tracking unit

Calculated on the basis of the units used

When the contract service is added from invoice, quote,
sales/purchase order, the monitoring unit is the one used in the service on the product line

Total Units

Number of units provided for in the contract

Automatically reports the value of the No. of units field of the connected service

Used Unit

Number of units used so far

Scaled from the related tickets according to the time used on each ticket in closed state

Residual Units

Difference between total units and used units


Service Contract.png