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6.1.4 Special variables in the newsletter template

Refer to the previous sections for the general template configuration instructions. There are special variables available for newsletter templates.

Variables common to the target

A single variable for mapping different fields according to the target.
For example, with Name you can map:

  • Account name for the Accounts recipients included in the target;
  • Contact name and surname for the Contacts recipients included in the target;
  • Leads name and surname for the Leads recipients included in the target.

How to insert a special variable: after taking a block of text, it is possible, by clicking inside it (double click), to insert the variables coming from the Lead, Companies, Contacts modules.
The button “GDPR and Privacy” re-adresses the receiver to the Web App.


Detail of the choice of the module for inserting the variable


Detail choice of the variable


By clicking on INSERT, the variable will be positioned where desired

To respect the right of the contact to stop receiving communications, an unsubscribe link must be inserted in the Newsletter template.

To insert the link, which is a special variable, go to the bottom of the email body and write a phrase such as: “to stop receiving these messages, click”.

N.B.: in the "test email" this link does not work because it cannot recognize you as a target, so it will deliver a blank page.

Position the cursor after the word “click”, leaving a space, then enter the variable as shown below:



The variable will still be shown in the template in its original state. Only the recipient, on receiving the email, will see the word “here” in place of the string (hence the wording will be “click here” and the word “here” will be clickable).

The recipient will be asked whether they wish to unsubscribe from all communications or only from this campaign newsletter (in this case it may occur, for example, that the user is still interested in receiving newsletters concerning a different topic, if the user's name is within the target of another campaign).

The button "Gdpr and Privacy Policy" refers the target recipient to the Web App.


We suggest inserting a special variable in the template, to be replaced with a link to view the newsletter as a web page. This is because some clients could restrict the display of newsletter elements (e.g. blocking images).