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16.7 Advanced Sharing Access

This allows you to extend data access permissions for a user on a specific module, based on rules defined according to the same logic as filters. Let's look at an example: the Milan Agent user must be able to access the Account registries (all of them, even those assigned to others) for the province of Milan.

STEP 1: Add a rule in the Accounts module, then configure the rule. In our example, on Accounts&Contacts the rule will be a Province equal to Milan.

16.7 [1].png

STEP 2: from the user tab (Settings > Users), link the rule with the Accounts and Contacts module and define the type of permission under "filter-based sharing rules"

16.7 [2].png

STEP 3: Ater every single modification please press the button "Recalculate" to apply the changes made.

16.7 [3] correct.png

Note! vtenext Community: it is allowed to create only one rule of advanced sharing access for module.

16.7 [2].png