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7.2 The App in detail

Process start email
A pre-compiled email template introduces the requirement to confirm your choices concerning personal data processing.

1 Welcome landing page
A simple online form is provided for verification of the effective possession of the mailbox in question.

2 Sent Confirmation
Message mail has been sent.

3 Accept privacy policy
The functions provided by the app become available only once the privacy policy has been accepted.

4 Separate “Granular” Consent
Profiling or data processing options can be confirmed individually.

5 Merge contacts
The app offers the facility to merge different contacts associated with the same email address.

6 Update your data
The customer can consult or update his/her personal data completely independently.

7 Right to anonymity
Deleting personal data makes the contact anonymous, keeping the information supplied for commercial purposes.

8 Data portability
The contact can download his/her data in portable CSV format.

9 Something wrong?
An information request form is provided to open a ticket directly in the associated VTE.

10 Data always under control
The app functions therefore make it possible to manage data processing in self-service mode. Using vtenext as a HUB to collect information from external sources such as ERP, Ecommerce, Mailing Tools, Lead Collection Forms, guarantees unified management of the GDPR and independent maintenance of collected data and consent forms.

The app can also be used in the desktop version

vtenext GDPR KIT
To guarantee correct management of the operations and processes connected to the GDPR directive, vtenext
has developed the GDPR KIT: a complete solution that includes an additional module for vtenext, structured in the two sections “Processing Register” and “Assumption Kit”.