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2.1.1 User session duration

The duration of the user session in vtenext depends mainly on the php session, that is on a parameter that is configured in the server where the crm is installed.
In the login page there is a flag field called "stay connected" and once active, the session time is managed on the application side.

The session duration with this function active is one month while in standard, i.e. not flagging the aforementioned field, the duration depends on the operating system installed on the server hosting the crm. For example, Ubuntu (installed in the cloud / onsite which we recommend) the session lasts about 30 minutes.

Finally, it is good to consider that the rules of simultaneous connections per user are always valid: with the same user it is possible to log in at most, in 2 browsers at the same time. If you try to enter the crm with a third browser, one of the other two will automatically be disconnected.