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8.1.1 Products bundle

You can create and manage product bundles by defining parent-child type inter-product relationships. Product bundles are useful when managing complex products, meaning “parent” products composed of multiple single “child” products.

For example: a fully assembled computer could be classified as a single product because it can be sold ready and assembled by your organisation. Frequently however, it is the customer who wishes to choose the components, in which case a bundle of products must be defined.

The relations menu in the product record contains the Bundle Products (single products) box and the Parent Product Box (showing the main product to which the current product relates). This hierarchy is used to create quotes, sales orders and purchase orders.

To create a bundle you need to access the parent product record and, in Product Bundle, select Add (to create a new product) or Select (to link a product already present in the database).

8.1.1 [1].png

The parent product will appear in the child product record as shown in the figure:

8.1.1 [2].png

Warning! The price of the parent product is not equivalent to the sum of the prices of the child products because the single prices are defined freely.