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2.4 Search in module

To find a term in a specific module, press the icon search.


The research result is temporary, in fact it is cleared when the page is closed or updated. To perform researches that can be saved and retrieved please refer to the Filters function.

1. Search box on the left above the view filters.


The research is always performed among the fields displayed by the applied filter (table header) and the records that fall within it (see Filters).


If you wish to research in fields that are not included in the filter, click on advanced search (available in all record modules, not available from the Home module).


From the advanced research function you can:

  • select any field of the module
  • specify several search conditions and link them to the inclusive operator “and”, choosing “Corresponds to all following”, or the exclusive operator “or” by choosing “Corresponds to at least one of the following”.

The research will always be performed among the records of the applied filter.


2. Search boxes above the filter columns.

In this case the search makes it possible to enter elements above the reference columns in order to obtain a temporary and immediate result. For example, in the Trouble Tickets Module you can have all Open and Urgent Priority status tickets among the results of your search.